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EventStack Planner User Guide
EventStack Planner User Guide
Written by Eric Coppersmith
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The Planner is a powerful tool designed to boost efficiency, organization, collaboration, and overall event experience for you, your team, and your attendees. It's made up of four essential features: Timeline, Tasks, Spaces, and Assets.


1. Timeline

The Timeline is where you create the agenda for your event attendees and your internal team. Follow these simple steps to make the most of this feature:

- Click "Add to Timeline" to create a new timeline item.

- Fill out the necessary fields and assign it to a space.

- Choose whether the item should be on the public event timeline, a featured item on the EventDay app, or just for your team to view.

- Upload a photo of your speaker, visible on the EventDay app.

- Optionally, you can upload specific resources for your attendees to view in the EventDay app.

- Save time by bulk uploading your timeline with a CSV.

- Easily make changes or delete timeline items as needed.

2. Tasks

Tasks help you manage your event-related to-do list across your entire team. Here's how to get the most out of this feature:

- Create and manage your event-related tasks with ease.

- Assign tasks to a space, asset, or timeline item.

- Check off to-do items in the Planner or in the EventDay app for progress tracking.

3. Spaces

Spaces provide a top-down view of your on-site event spaces and everything happening within them. Follow these steps to efficiently manage your event logistics:

- Click "Add/Edit Spaces" to add or edit a space.

- Upload a photo or layout of the space for better visualization.

- Easily view the assigned timeline items for each space.

- Add amenities and keep track of your rentals.

4. Assets

Assets allow you to store and organize important files and links related to your event. Here's how you can utilize this feature:

- Create as many files as you need, and name them accordingly.

- Start uploading important files to keep them organized in one place.

- Collaborators can also add, view, or edit files and folders for seamless collaboration.

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