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EventStack EventDay User Guide
Written by Eric Coppersmith
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EventDay is a secure, password-free, browser-based companion app designed to provide a complete event experience for attendees and streamline event management for your team. This user guide will help you and your attendees get the most out of the EventDay experience, reducing check-in queues, enhancing attendee engagement, and managing logistics seamlessly.


1. Get Started

- Follow the steps of the checklist to set up EventDay for your attendees.

2. Welcome

- Customize and preview your attendees' app experience with a custom welcome message.

- Use this opportunity to welcome attendees, provide a brief event overview, and thank sponsors for their support.

3. Sponsors

- Choose how to showcase sponsors to attendees on the app.

- Select individual sponsors, display all sponsors, group them into levels, or opt not to show them at all.

- This feature adds value to sponsors by featuring them on the front page of the app.

4. Resources

- Add various files or links that attendees can access within the EventDay app.

- This feature is particularly useful for providing sign-up forms, certification links, presentation files, videos, or links to other events you're planning.

5. Attendee Access

- To access EventDay, you and your attendees can simply open their mobile device camera and scan the provided QR code.

- Alternatively, they will receive a link via email after completing registration.

- Attendees can use EventDay to access their ticket, engage with sponsors, access resources, view the Event Timeline, and get directions to the venue.

6. Team Access

- For your team, EventDay provides a comprehensive view of event details.

- Clicking the task icon in the lower right brings up tasks related to the event.

- Access the entire event timeline for better coordination.

- Quickly check in attendees with ease.

- View, edit, and add attendees while having real-time access to registration data.

- Get directions to the venue for better on-site management.

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