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EventStack Sponsorships User Guide
EventStack Sponsorships User Guide
Written by Eric Coppersmith
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At EventStack, we believe events should be profitable, and the Sponsorships tool is designed to help you achieve just that. It acts like a magic CRM for your event sponsorships, enabling you to create sponsorship opportunities with landing pages, track revenue, and discover new opportunities with AI. The tool updates in real-time across all event pages, so you can focus on sponsorship sales without worrying about changes on other platforms.


1. Top of the Page

- Settings:

- Set your budget and configure your sponsorship form with additional fields.

- Choose between a board or list view for your pipeline.

- Marketing:

- Edit the description of your sponsorship marketing page.

- Add resources like a deck, photos, or a video to enhance sponsorship packages.

- Sponsor Page:

- Opens the Sponsorship Marketing page in a new tab for easy access.

- Copy Link:

- Quickly copy the Sponsorship Marketing page link for sharing with potential sponsors.

2. Metrics

- Track your budget metrics and pipeline value to assess sponsorship performance.

3. Opportunities

- Before adding a sponsor, create sponsorship opportunities.

- Start with preset opportunities or create custom ones tailored to your event.

- Each Opportunity has its own individual landing page.

4. Pipeline

- Access a real-time sales pipeline of your sponsorship opportunities.

- To add a sponsor:

- Fill out the required fields.

- Select an appropriate tier for the sponsorship.

- Move the sponsor to the "won" stage to send a notification for invoicing.

- Manage payments through Stripe, which you can set up in the Registrations tab.

5. Invoicing

- Send invoices and collect payments with ease.

- Edit invoice details before sending if necessary, such as directing the invoice to another contact or adjusting the final invoice amount.

- Invoices sent to sponsors will look professional and include all necessary details.

6. AI-Assisted Sponsorship Opportunities

- Use the experimental AI feature to discover and create additional sponsorship opportunities.

- Let the AI work its magic by clicking the button.

- Review the AI-generated opportunities and add them to your opportunities list or make changes as needed.

- If necessary, try again with the AI to explore more options.

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